3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Azure Management

managed azureThe market for managed services is growing day by day and according to research, it will reach more than 14{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} to $53.7 billion in the coming five years. This should come as no surprise because companies are embracing more sophisticated back-end solutions.

These solutions require constant support which can be quite challenging for internal IT teams.

Microsoft Azure is certainly one of those services that fall into this category. They offer several features that are often very tough to manage by internal IT teams.

This is where Microsoft Azure Partners come in. These are specialized service providers that provide the business the power to migrate to azure without causing much trouble to the IT department. This way the company can keep working without worrying about downtimes or any hiccups during the azure migration process and after it has been completed.

Here are 3 more reasons why you should outsource Azure management to a professional Azure services provider such as Henson Group.

The Right Mix of Technical Skills

  • While most cloud platforms are easily available, IT teams still struggle to understand the ins and out of the new technology. Keeping this in mind, some companies who migrate to azure consider hiring new IT personnel to carry the process.
  • However, this is often easier said than done. In fact, most companies around the world admit that finding the right IT staff to manage azure is one of the biggest hurdles they face when they want to migrate to a cloud platform.
  • Some companies even go as far as training their staff to understand the new technology but it puts a large dent on the budget. In other words, the existing IT teams do not have the knowledge or skills to manage cloud technology unless and until they are extensively trained to adapt it.

Azure partners are the only viable solution for many companies. These firms have expert azure maintenance, security and deployment specialists that commit their time and effort into exploring the cloud platform and discovering new and effective ways to help generate a significant return on investment for their clients.

Saves a lot of Time

  • Perhaps the biggest obstacle companies face during azure deployment and post-deployment management is time. Having the staff prepared for the migration, training them, and having to understand the new technology all take a lot of time.
  • And since time is money, a lot of companies can’t spare too much of it. This is why outsourcing Azure management to professional azure service providers is the right thing to do. Most large scale infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure requires consistent upkeep for optimal performance.

This takes a lot of time and most IT teams are usually busy dealing with other aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure. Azure partners can take responsibility and provide azure optimization, azure management, and a ton of other services that are essential for the maintenance of the platform. As a result, companies save a lot of precious time and finances.


  • Traditional IT teams are very good when it comes to data security and disaster recovery. They can immediately lockdown on-premises systems and start to manage backup data repositories meant to help the business continue with its normal affairs.
  • When it comes to the cloud, this is not possible. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure require round-the-clock monitoring as hackers are constantly on the search for ways to penetrate the network security of a business.
  • On the backup front, most businesses are not prepared to maintain the continuity of events when this happens. Azure partners will help companies who have moved to the cloud on both fronts. They have dedicated security personnel that monitors system penetrations all the time.
  • They use embedded data defense assets including Azure Active Directory and Security center to protect your business from hackers and other cyber threats. The firms also maintain excessive backup data that can be tapped in if some force was able to halt the primary servers.

With Azure security partners, you’re always safe from threats.


  • Companies that are considering Azure migration should consider collaborating with Microsoft Azure Partners that provide professional services that cannot be easily replicated within the existing IT team.
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