3 Ways For Businesses to Improve Cloud Computing Security

Nearly every business from small to big is using cloud services these days because many of their crucial applications run better with the cloud. But as a business, have you ever thought that your cloud data is safe?

It’s no surprise that most businesses have critical and sensitive data that is always under threat from hackers and cybercriminals.

While there is no denying that most public cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all offer a highly secure environment for your applications and data, much more than your on-premise servers are capable of.

However, even though public cloud service providers give you maximum security when it comes to protecting your data, they have no power over the data that leaves from the cloud and interacts with your systems.

And the moving of data from cloud to your systems happen from a day to day basis as employees transfer, download, and work with data through an array of devices. Since security breaches are typically caused by humans, it is important to know how to improve your security so that your cloud data is well protected.

Henson Group, being a premium Microsoft certified partner, strives to provide maximum security for your data. Our experts reveal 3 ways businesses of today can improve their cloud computing security.

Train Your Employees in Anti-Phishing on a Regular Basis

  • Did you know employee mishaps is one of the top reasons why your cloud data is at a risk? Hackers have become clever and in 2020 they use social techniques such as spoof websites, phishing emails, and social media spying to steal login information from your employees and use that to access secure information of your business.

To counter this, offer ongoing phishing training to your employees so that they don’t fall victim to these scams and ultimately protect your company’s sensitive data. 

Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • The traditional way of protecting your data through username and password is not enough to protect your user accounts from cybercriminals. Most data breaches occur because companies fail to protect their login information using multi-factor authentication protocol and this gives hackers easy access to all your important data.

Once the hackers have these credentials, they can log into all the cloud-based applications you are using and can bring your business to a halt.

  • This is why it is important to protect your login information with MFA. This way only authorized employees can log into your cloud services and applications and your data becomes well protected.

MFA is affordable and effective which makes it a very attractive option for small to medium businesses to deploy to increase their security both on-premise and on the cloud. Certain cloud services such as Microsoft Azure offer these at extremely low-cost pay-as-you-go models.

Outsource to IT Security Company

  • One of the easiest and most secure ways to protect your data is to let the experts manage it. There are several IT support companies that provide IT security services. If you are on Microsoft Azure, you can obtain Azure Security services from Henson Group.

From Azure Penetration Testing (Pen Testing) to Cybersecurity Assessments, our Azure Security Practice provides a full range of services to help clients ensure their data is safe wherever it resides.

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