Top 3 Cloud Computing Services of 2020 – Ranking and Recommendation

There is no doubt that cloud services have completely revolutionized computing through PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS, allowing small, medium and big businesses to easily develop virtualized IT infrastructure instead of costly on-premises and helped them to deliver software through the cloud which is independent of any operating system at the user’s end.

Even better, it allows businesses to mix and match cloud services from a different number of cloud providers to ensure that all of their services always work at maximum efficiency while maintaining a cost business can endure easily. 

On the cloud, everything is run through virtualized networks and software platforms meaning that it is easier to access and analyze data for various purposes. It has also simplified all of the aspects of monitoring by helping businesses log files through logging services.

There are many other advantages of cloud platforms, but as a business, you have probably wondered which cloud platform is the best to go for in 2020. Henson Group provides you with a list of top 3 cloud computing services of 2020. We have also given our top recommendation at the end.

#3 Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon Web Services was founded in 2006 and it is best for providing on-demand cloud computing to both individuals and organizations. 

It is a cloud-based program for using integrated web services and building various business solutions using these services. The cloud also offers an extensive range of PaaS and IaaS services. 

  • Businesses can get a free trial and can enjoy a highly customizable cloud platform compared to others. However, it lacks in customer support.

#2 Google Cloud

  • Google Cloud Platform is Google’s sole cloud service provider. This platform gives businesses the tools to create many business solutions using Google-provided web services. There are many services offered including Paas and Iaas solutions.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Cloud is its multi-layered secure infrastructure. For a business, it means that anything you create using the services provided will be well protected. The cloud platform is user-friendly and offers a 12-month free trial but getting it set up is the hardest part. 

#1 Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure was released in 2010 and allows businesses to run any kind of service on the cloud and combine them with their existing applications, infrastructure, or even data center.

The Azure platform has quickly become the dominant platform in the industry by providing a wide array of solutions suitable for nearly any kind of industry. All your business needs are basically taken care of thanks to a package that is best suited for individual needs.

  • Azure also allows you to completely be free of physical servers on-site. This greatly reduces the costs of a support team and onsite server. The platform is Windows and Linux compatible and offers 12-months free. It is also our top pick from all the cloud platforms available in 2020.

Ready to Migrate to Microsoft Azure?

If your company is looking to migrate to Azure our migration practice helps customers migrate from on-premise VMware/Hyper-V, Colo such as Rackspace, or other clouds like AWS to Microsoft Azure Datacenter or Azure Stack Infrastructures.  

This team also helps clients migrate existing workloads in Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS including SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, SQL SSIS to Data Factory, SQL SSRS/Tableau to PowerBI, Data Warehouses to Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database Tables to Data Lake, and many others.