Microsoft Azure is The Fastest Growing Cloud Platform – Here’s Why

Microsoft Azure continues to gain ground against other popular cloud platforms and there are two big reasons for that – one, the company bundles all of its services with its other market-leading products such as Office 365, Windows, and Dynamics, two, these attract big company customers. 

In recent reports, the Azure revenue for Microsoft rose to 63{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} annually during the first quarter. Even though the company doesn’t disclose the exact numbers, most analysts estimate that the cloud platform has helped the tech giant generate more than $13 billion in fiscal 2019. It may not be bigger than its rival, but it still has recorded enough growth to shake the industry.

Here’s why Azure is the next big thing.

Azure Margins Continue to Expand

  • The gross margin of the company’s entire commercial cloud unit that includes Dynamics, Office, Azure and other services is growing exponentially. This actually means that the core of the platform which is directly competing with Amazon, Google, and other platforms, is growing at a faster pace than either. 

This is because Azure’s lower IaaS/PaaS margin and better add-on service margins are attracting more customers than ever.

Azure is Offering More Services

  • One of the most popular add-on services of Azure cloud is the Azure AI, it has single-handedly attracted a lot of big customers to the platform. This service offers a suite of AI tools for automation, analytics, and many more services. 

And according to the newest statistics, this add-on has helped Microsoft gain over 20,000 new customers of which 85{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} of the fortune 100 have used in the last year. 

  • The tools that Azure offers are particularly attractive to the health care sector. For example, Novartis has used these tools to develop brand new treatments while at the same time Humana has deployed personalized healthcare solutions to millions of its members thanks to the same tools.

Another popular add-on service on the cloud is Azure Sphere which is a Linux based OS that links the internet with IoT devices. 

Azure will Continue to Grow

  • With such a huge growth recorded recently, it is clear that the cloud platform means a lot to Microsoft and the company is going to keep on adding new services to cater to more clients in the future.

Are you Ready To Migrate to Azure?

  • As a business, you have probably thought it more than once – should you move your business to the cloud? The short answer is, yes. But which cloud platform should you choose? If you are an app developer especially based in the health care sector, then your question has already been answered above.

For all other businesses, Microsoft Azure is an attractive cloud platform for its applications and its pricing. If you are ready to switch or move to Azure, get in touch with Henson Group today and let us help you make the move through our unbeaten and award-winning Azure Migration services.

We will take care of everything from planning, creating a strategy and ensuring that the process is super smooth so your business does not go down.