Flip your EA to a CSP


CSP is a viable alternative to Microsoft’s EA agreement and offers no annual commitments, same/better pricing, and free support. Better yet, we offer a 100{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} CSP satisfaction guarantee and qualifying customers to get three months free consumption. If you can’t justify your EA renewal, then contact us to discuss a CSP agreement today: https://www.ea2csp.com/

  • Pay the same or less than most EA pricing

  • Billed based on usage, not commitments

  • Monthly instead of 1-3 year agreements

  • Dedicated account and technical teams

  • No minimums or annual true-ups

  • CSP licensing is simple and straight forward

  • Includes free 24/7/365 support

  • Zero downtime flip from EA to CSP

  • Free optimizations/advisory/consulting

  • Includes Azure RIs and On-Premise software

  • Keep all AHUB benefits with CSP

  • 100{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} CSP Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Flip your EA to CSP and get up to 3 months free