AI will Create more Jobs than it will Eliminate

A new technology was introduced that would make it easier to broadcast important information out to the masses. Immediately, people said it would destroy the Church.

The year was 1450 and the technology was the movable type printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz, Germany which replaced wood letter-blocks with metal. The first book printed on Gutenberg’s press was a Bible. Since “the Word” could now be spread to the masses by circulating copies of the Bible amongst them Victor Hugo first claimed that the printing press would destroy the Church because people could read the bible on their own instead of in congregation.

Fearing the consequences of implementing new technologies is not new, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are no different than the many “new” technologies that preceded them. Advances in technology have continued and in fact the rate of change has accelerated, especially in the past two centuries. Electricity. Telegraph. Telephone. The Steam Engine. Radio. The automobile. Television. The past 50 years has seen an unprecedented rush of new technologies, all with the fear that they will eliminate jobs.  Yet US unemployment seldom rises above 10{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} despite the release of these new technologies and a rising population.

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