8 Remarkable Benefits of Azure HDInsight

Here is a list of notable benefits of Azure HDinsight

Azure HDInsight is an open-source analytic service that is fully managed and offered as a full spectrum service by Microsoft. It was launched six years ago and has evolved into a comprehensive service, catering to the needs of business analytics companies worldwide.

Azure HDInsight allows open-source frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark, Apache Hive, etc., to be used on its platform. Read more below to learn about the eight remarkable benefits of Azure HDInsight.

Completely Managed Cluster Service

  • Azure HDInsight provides a complete and fully managed cluster service for Apache, Spark, and Hadoop workloads. It allows Spark, Kafka, Hive, R Server, Storm, HBase, and LLAP clusters to load within a few minutes. It’s also a 24/7 check for issues and repairs.

99.9% Availability

  • With Azure HDInsight, you can rest assured of a 99.9% guaranteed SLA availability for all your workloads. You can run your time-sensitive and critical workload across thousands of cores and TBs of memory without worrying about any downtime issues. HDInsight has an inbuilt auto-recovery feature that helps prevent failures and data losses.

End-End Security Compliance

  • HDInsight offers the best industry-grade end-to-end security compliance for all your data and digital assets. In addition, you can isolate your HDInsight cluster with VNETs and take full advantage of data encryption protocols.

You can use Apache Ranger to formulate rich role-based policies to limit and restrict your critical data and applications access. In addition, azure HDInsight is proud to have received more than 30 industry-grade security certifications such as ISO, HIPAA, SOC, and PCI.

Diverse Marketplace

  • Azure HDInsight marketplace is diverse and has all the applications you might require for your critical workloads. There are currently over 30 famous Spark and Hadoop applications that can be deployed to the cluster within a few minutes.

Analytics Platform

  • Azure HDInsight offers a uniquely productive platform for users of all kinds and tastes. You can build a Hadoop or a Spark application using any of your favorite tools.

Currently, Azure HDInsight offers support for Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jupyter, Zeppelin, Scala, C#, R, Python, Java, and,.NET. Azure HDInsight is a favorite among data analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence analysts.

Enterprise-scale R

  • Azure HDInsight offers an enterprise-level of R for deploying machine learning applications and models. Analysts and data scientists can develop, train, and use various machine learning models using Microsoft R Server. In addition, Azure HDInsight reduces processing time; thus, users can have quicker solutions and faster results.

Azure HDInsight offers multi-threaded libraries in R Server, which allows 50x speed and a thousand times more data handling capability than open-source R.

International Availability

  • Azure HDInsight is available globally, in as many as 26 public regions. It is also available in several government clouds. So if you visit or plan to work in any data center globally, you can rest assured that you will come across Azure HDInsight.

Good Value For Money

  • benefits of azure hdinsightFor any business and business analytics company, cost and pricing are extremely important. Microsoft recognizes this fact and has reduced its prices for Azure HDInsight. Now users can claim up to 50% discount for Azure HDInsight and benefit from this amazing platform.

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