Top 5 Benefits of Cloud Managed Services 

Learn about the top benefits of cloud managed services and how they can help you save money

Managed cloud service providers offer managed cloud services to businesses of all sizes. These services include taking responsibility for one or more main and support functions for the client’s business. In this article, we will take a look at what managed cloud service providers are and what the top five benefits of hiring one for your business are.

What Are Managed Cloud Services and Service Providers

  • Managed cloud services provide management of a client’s cloud infrastructure and resources. The management can include optimization, security, configuration, migration, and maintenance. The main reason why businesses opt for managed cloud services is that they want to cut down on costs as well as save time.

A managed cloud service provider (MCSP) is a vendor or entity that offers cloud services to businesses. These MCSPs can either be the cloud platform’s official partners, or they will be using third-party operators to provide services.

  • Usually, MCSP will have a subscription plan, which can be offered as a monthly or an annual contract,  and include a bundle of services and features. Hiring an MCSP helps existing businesses save money on developing their in-house IT expertise and IT infrastructure. One example of a cloud-based architecture platform is Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services Providers

There are several benefits of hiring a managed cloud service provider, some of which are mentioned below:

Lower IT Infrastructure and Associated Costs

  • By hiring a managed cloud service provider, your business can significantly lower the costs associated with deploying, developing, and managing an expensive IT infrastructure. The biggest cost for any business is to purchase and maintain IT assets and timely replace and update them.

The MCSP can help a business not only set up its IT infrastructure but also use its resources and expertise to offer training to the business employees about using it. The MCSP can also lease out hardware at a fraction of the cost while helping the business perform a migration such as a Google to Microsoft migration.

Predictable Pricing

  • The majority of the MCSPs offer several different pricing levels to the business. Each pricing level offers a different level of access to resources, functionalities, and experience to the business. A business can select the pricing and membership level that best meets its requirements and fits its budget.

By having a pre-defined membership level, a business will know how much it will actually and genuinely spend on the service. It will be saved from unexpected increases in cost. A business can also scale up, based on its changing requirements, without re-building its IT infrastructure from the ground up.

Advanced Cybersecurity Support

  • An MCSP will offer advanced cybersecurity support and protection to your business. They have been offering services for a long time in the industry and know how to ensure all their clients are protected from all kinds of online threats.

Future-Proofed Technology and High Availability

  • MCSPs offer a robust network infrastructure and unmatched customer support to ensure all their clients have a great experience while using their services. It is no secret that the first step to future-proof technology is to migrate the data center to the cloud. It is much easier to take benefit of the latest features and developments in the cloud than by relying on on-site physical hardware.

Most businesses rely on MCSPs because of their guaranteed uptime and high availability. The systems will have a fail-safe and a backup protocol in place so that there is the most negligible downtime.

Disaster Recovery Support & Backups

  • benefits of cloud managed servicesIf a business relies on physical hardware and onsite systems, it must invest in costly systems for disaster recovery. By utilizing the services of an MCSP, a business can not only keep its critical data in the cloud but also take benefit of the MCSP’s disaster recovery and backup services.

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