Exploring The Endless Opportunities for Business Optimization With Azure Percept

Here’s how to optimize your business with Azure Percept

The 21st century is characterized by an increase in technological developments, advancements, and rapid adaptation. The world we live in today is experiencing the merits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The merger of Artificial Intelligence, (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), genetic engineering, robotics, and quantum computing are the defining themes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

When technology is applied correctly and sensibly, it can have long-term benefits. Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge have helped businesses by improving their levels and efficiency of automation, enabling remote management and real-time decision making.

Microsoft’s Azure Percept is one such comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that uses AI at edge and IoT for rapid business transformations. It comprises a set of hardware, software, and services that are used to create edge AI solutions.

Azure Percept is compatible with Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Machine Learning. Multiple AI models are pre-built into the Azure Percept development kit. These models can identify different objects such as cars, people, and other general objects. Azure Percept is easy to use and due to its low code to no-code paths, even beginners that have no coding experience can set up prototypes and start their projects in little time.

Let us take a look at some of the practical and remarkable uses of Azure Percept in different industries.

Smart Urban Planning and Management

Edge AI and IoT help in the smart and more efficient planning and management of cities in the following ways:

  • Implementing utility management and resource conservation that can lead to considerable water and energy savings.
  • Optimal use of public transportation.
  • Monitoring and reporting suspicious activity, resulting in more secure public places.

One such successful example is the implementation of Azure Percept in Kortrijk, Belgium. Azure Percept monitored pedestrian movement and density in public places of the city. AI sensors were placed at strategic locations which captured real-time visuals and helped authorities maintain the social distancing protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Optimizing Retail

azure percept retailRetail is one of the leading industries of the USA, amassing over half a trillion dollars in sales per year. Azure Percept can have multiple uses in the retail industry. AI at edge and IoT can help the retail industry in the following ways:

  • Better management of queues
  • Ensuring the protocols of social distancing
  • Making informed decisions by understanding shopping patterns and periods of high flow traffic
  • Better utilization of available space in stores
  • Improving supply chain efficiency with the help of purchasing analytics
  • Reducing wastage of biodegradable items by alerting the management when the stocks get low. This way, new items will only be ordered when the need arises and overstocking can be avoided.

Improving The Safety and Efficiency of the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry can benefit greatly from AI at the edge solutions. Azure Percept can increase the profitability and productivity of operational processes. Intelligent automation can monitor production areas remotely and can provide useful data insights which can help make informed decisions at the right time.

Some other plausible uses of Azure Percept for the manufacturing industry are:

  • Defects can be detected in the nascent stage of production. Timely identification of defects can prevent disruption of production in its tracks.
  • Automation of assembly processes can save time and cost of labor.
  • Better worker safety can be ensured.
  • Robotic machinery can be controlled with voice commands with the help of Azure Percept.

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