Creating a security mindset with Microsoft partner technical workshops: Secure All the Things!

Microsoft partner technical workshops

By David Branscome

Discussions about cybersecurity used to focus mostly on endpoints and email, but now that’s just the tip of the iceberg when talking about IT and cloud security. Securing your data—no matter where it’s stored—is critical as malicious attacks on computing systems continue to increase.

Microsoft and our partners are at the vanguard of thwarting attacks by taking a big picture approach to security. We also are working to proactively protect our customers, bring more awareness to the latest developments in security, and encourage training at a time when the cybersecurity field faces a massive talent shortage. An upcoming technical workshop, Secure All the Things!, will focus on how we make security an integral part of every engagement and ensure that identities, infrastructure, and data are protected wherever they reside or are deployed. To that end, the sessions will cover security issues relating to Microsoft Defender for Cloud (formerly Azure Security Center), Azure, Microsoft 365, Biz Apps, and third-party infrastructures.

Making security a primary thought

With a rapid rise in remote and hybrid-based work, enterprise security is more vital than ever. To address that ever-present and growing need, Microsoft has embraced Zero Trust, a comprehensive, gold-standard approach to security that covers all users, devices, and endpoints with central visibility. The Secure All the Things! workshop will encourage partners and participants to similarly consider security as a core element of every project at all stages, from design until delivery. Bringing a new idea to reality is always exciting, but everyone needs to ask themselves, “Is the data secure enough? Have I considered multiple scenarios where our infrastructure could be compromised?” There are many opportunities to expose your critical information that this will address.

Secure All the Things! will provide you with a high-level and easy-to-follow approach to security education involving Microsoft 365 and Azure cloud technologies. Sales, marketing, and administrative personnel can especially benefit from this workshop, as security should matter as much to their work as it does to developers and technical specialists.

Protect your data, protect your business

As IT security presents a constant challenge, this workshop will provide a fresh perspective to think wisely about protecting one of the most important parts of your business: your data. No enterprise can afford to assume “it will never happen to me” and be complacent on this issue. Among the insights you will gain from these sessions:

  • Why we should always have discussions about security with our customers, no matter the size and scope of a project.
  • Determining the primary elements of security to be discussed with customers.
  • Tying in multiple security elements into a single comprehensive strategy.
  • Understanding the tremendous need for more cybersecurity expertise

How can Microsoft help? Listed below is where you can attend this critical and insightful workshop:

Replay with live Q&A:

  • APAC: from April 25, 2022
  • EMEA: from April 25, 2022

Your partners, employees, and customers will benefit from your participation.