Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft’s Cloud Licensing Changes

Microsoft announced changes to its licensing terms for corporate environments within four public cloud providers in summer 2019 including Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Amazon, and Google. 

If your business is using a ‘bring your own license’ model for instances provided by Microsoft technology hosted on public cloud infrastructure, you will need to understand how these changes impact your overall strategy and licensing options from October 2019.

What Are the Licensing Changes by Microsoft?

  • Before October 2019, Microsoft allowed its customers to use any traditional software volume licenses without any software assurance in dedicated environments such as outsourced, on-premise, or dedicated hardware hosted on any public cloud provider. This has now been changed.

Effective from October 2019, a company can no longer deploy on-premise licenses purchased without the software assurance on a dedicated hardware environment hosted on public cloud providers that have been mentioned above.

  • From now on, both multi-tenant and dedicated environments will be hosted within the datacenters of the providers and will require active software assurance and license mobility for given software assurance eligibility. This was previously a requirement only set for multi-tenant cloud services but will not act the same for dedicated environments.

What Happens if You Purchased Licenses Before Oct 2019?

The changes will not be applied to anyone who has already purchased licenses prior to Oct. 1, 2019, and there will also be no changes to the service provider license program. 

Microsoft Solutions that You Can Use

For businesses that are using the BYOL strategy on dedicated hardware environments with the providers mentioned above, Microsoft now offers a number of different solutions that may meet your needs.

  • Eligible software can now be included within the cost of cloud services through PaaS and IaaS offerings that are made available by the providers that are participating in the SPLA or Microsoft Azure Services.
  • Eligible on-premise licenses with active software assurance can now be leveraged to license these instances through the license mobility provider instead of software assurance benefits. This now applies to all cloud providers who have been affected by the changes as well as any provider who is authorized license mobility provider.

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