The Future Of Managed Service Providers- Is It Worth It?

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It is estimated that 60% of business organizations will depend on managed services till 2025. The managed services market is evolving quickly as businesses find new ways to improve their IT performance. MSPs provide a comprehensive suite of IT services to organizations striving to gain a competitive edge in the digital race. This article provides insight into the future of managed services.

Increasing Reliance On MSPs

  • The need for complex IT infrastructure and operations is soaring because of the burgeoning digital transformation. Organizations are aware that they need to adopt new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., to survive in the competitive market. However, organizations need more resources and in-house expertise to manage new technologies. The MSPs help businesses improve efficiency and control costs. In addition, managed service providers give businesses peace of mind that their systems will be up and running whenever they need to by proactively monitoring and managing their IT infrastructure. As a result, organizations are shifting toward MSPs to take the challenges off their hand.

Organizations need IT solutions that can help them stay ahead of the curve by remaining competitive. For these reasons, organizations worldwide are shifting towards managed service models from traditional in-house models. In addition, most organizations seek services that can reduce their IT infrastructure expenditure and improve their business activities. Organizations can gain faster deployment of technologies and new applications with the help of MSPs. MSPs offer expert services in assembling different networking, and infrastructure components for an organization’s IT system. Thus, improving business agility and competitiveness.

The Booming Demand Of Managed Services Market

  • The increasing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in organizations is firing up the demand for MSPs. This is because managed services effectively help manage and secure BYOD policy. Therefore, organizations continuously prioritize managed service providers to improve their business operations without increasing costs. For this reason, over 60% of organizations are expected to opt for MSPs in 2025. Another factor adding fuel to the demand for managed services is the growing penetration of IoT devices. The demand for managed services is expanding along with the growth of IoT devices. This is because MSPs help organizations manage their ever-growing and complex network of connected devices.

A study polled 1000 MSPs globally. The poll showed that 62% of MSPs believe their clients will continue to require their services. Furthermore, it was found that 69% of the MSPs are either offering or planning to offer cloud services within the next 12 months. Moreover, the results suggest that MSPs are conscious of the obstacles and are continuously striving to overcome them to expand their market in the future.

The Promising Future Of MSPs

  • future of managed service providersFuture of managed service providers in 2021, the market value of global managed services was $179 billion. However, by 2028, it is expected to attain a value of approximately $394 billion over the forecast period of 2022-2028. In the coming years, the popularity of managed service providers will continue to skyrocket. The need for organizations to optimize their IT operations and the increasing complexity of the IT environment will be the driving factors behind this growth.

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