How To Grow Your SaaS Business With Microsoft?

Read this article to learn how to grow your saas business with Microsoft

Developing a robust and productive partner ecosystem for SaaS startups is crucial to foster business growth. The cloud services market will be estimated to exceed one trillion US dollars by 2026. The escalating growth trends provide a massive opportunity for SaaS ISVs and other Microsoft partners to grow their businesses. Discover how Microsoft accelerates the growth of your SaaS business.

Enrich Your Solutions With Microsoft Cloud

  • Microsoft is continuously making substantial investments to help SaaS ISVs expand their business by taking advantage of the commercial marketplace. ISVs should utilize Microsoft Clouds such as Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Identity and Access Management to enhance their solutions.


Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform that helps businesses:

  • Improve developer productivity
  • Develop more intelligent applications
  • Acquire more customers

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft teams allow businesses to grow user engagement by building Teams and Microsoft Viva apps. This encourages faster collaboration and communication and results in innovation.

Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

  • Building unique, customer-centric line of business (LOB) apps with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps can help accelerate your business growth.

Microsoft Security

  • Microsoft security solutions eliminate security gaps, safeguard your business organization, and provide comprehensive protection and expertise that businesses require to grow in a changing world.

Additionally, Microsoft is building Industry Clouds to improve time to value and agility and reduce costs for each industry. Industry clouds focus on customer ownership and data control, business model alignment, industry customization, and the partner ecosystem, thus bringing new opportunities for ISVs.

Role of Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

  • To position your solution toward end customers, Microsoft uses its two marketplace storefronts, Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace. Together, these are named Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. These storefronts allow businesses to target different audiences and offer solutions to millions of customers worldwide. In addition, the Commercial Marketplace allows organizations to develop partner-to-partner connections.

With 90,000 CSP partners, Microsoft has the largest partner ecosystem that organizations can use to their advantage and grow their business. Furthermore, Microsoft supports businesses in building new connections and finding partners for co-selling their solutions. Private offers with custom terms and conditions can also be created as required.

Reaching New Customers

  • You need to join Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to unlock partner benefits. Sign up for free, select the “build with” option, add your company details, and become a part of the MPN community.

The following programs can help you reach more customers.

ISV Success Program

  • ISV Success Program allows businesses to build, sell, and thrive on the Microsoft Cloud. ISVs can grow their business with powerful tools, one-to-one consultations, and training resources. In addition, this program contains free developer licensing such as GitHub & Visual Studio Enterprise, 5000$ Azure credits, and 1:1 consultation for App architecture design. The program provides a step-by-step guide to empower ISVs to publish their app to the Commercial Marketplace.

Marketplace Office Hours

  • Marketplace Office Hours is another excellent resource filled with on-demand content to assist businesses during all growth phases. It provides the information and resources to successfully publish solutions to the Commercial Marketplace.

Transact And Grow Incentive Program

  • grow your saas businessMicrosoft also allows its partners to earn incentives in addition to growing their businesses. To participate, your company should be enrolled in the incentive program. Transact and grow incentive is the most relevant incentive for ISVs. When publishing a transactive offer, participants can earn incentives up to $30,000 per marketplace and $20,000 per marketplace when reaching billed sales and milestones.

Marketplace Reward Program

  • The program is designed to support your business as it grows through the Microsoft commercial marketplace. The marketplace reward program unlocks new benefits at specific stages of growth and converts customers, and closes deals.

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