How Azure Advisor Helps You Streamline Your Azure Workloads?

When to use an Azure advisor to streamline your Azure workloads for optimal performance

From business intelligence to disaster recovery to DevOps and hybrid integration, Microsoft offers a full stack of cloud services to every business application. While it is easy to subscribe to these services, configuration can be challenging. Azure Advisor can help streamline business workloads by offering intelligent insights. Keep reading to learn how azure advisor can drive business success.

Azure Advisor

  • Azure Advisor is an intelligent service offered by Microsoft. It serves as a personalized cloud consultant that assists organizations in analyzing the configuration and usage telemetry of their resources.

The tailored recommendations provided by Azure can help businesses enhance the cost-effectiveness, high availability, security, and performance of their Azure resources. Therefore, by leveraging azure advisor, organizations can make smart decisions and implement the best approaches to enhance operational efficiency.

How Does Azure Advisor Help Businesses?

Azure Advisor helps businesses optimize their Azure deployments by:

  • Highly personalized, actionable, proactive strategies enable businesses to optimize deployments and enhance overall performance.
  • Thoroughly analyzing resource usage and configurations to Identify ways for cost reduction.
  • Improving the availability, security, and performance of resources.

Recommendations Provided By Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor provides four types of recommendations to businesses. These include:

High Availability Recommendations

Regarding high availability recommendations, the Azure advisor offers the following suggestions:

Availability Set Optimization

  • Azure advisor identifies virtual machines not part of an availability set and suggests moving them to an availability set. This way, redundancy is ensured by including two or more virtual machines in each availability set. As a result, during planned or unplanned maintenance events or outages, at least one virtual machine remains available.

Fault Tolerance for Application Gateway

  • Azure Advisor identifies application gateway instances that lack fault tolerance configuration. This guarantees business continuity of critical applications not powered by application gateways. In addition, application gateway instances are configured to align with service level agreement (SLA) requirements.

Security Recommendations

  • Azure Advisor integrates with the Azure Security Center to deliver essential security recommendations. This empowers businesses to proactively prevent, detect, and respond to security threats. In addition, the advisor analyzes the security of all Azure resources and suggests best practices to implement whatever controls your organization needs.

Performance Recommendations

  • Azure Advisor provides valuable performance recommendations to improve the speed and responsiveness of business-critical applications. Here is how azure advisor helps improve performance:

Database Performance Improvement

  • It integrates with SQL Database Advisor to assess the performance of the database. In addition, Azure Advisor identifies opportunities to enhance the efficiency of running typical database workloads.

Redis Cache Performance Enhancement

  • Advisor identifies instances of Redis Cache where performance is reduced due to server load, network bandwidth, or high memory usage. Furthermore, it offers advice to prevent performance issues and optimize the utilization of resources.

Cost Recommendations

  • The advisor helps organizations reduce the overall cost of their Azure services by finding and providing cost-effective solutions. In addition, the advisor will help you with the following:

Virtual Machine Cost Reduction

  • azure advisorThe advisor actively monitors the virtual machine usage over 14 days and identifies virtual machines with a CPU utilization of 5% or less and network usage of 7 MB or less for at least 4 days. It then categorizes them as “low-utilization.

Next, the Azure advisor provides an approximate cost for continuing to run these virtual machines, empowering businesses to make informed decisions about these virtual machines.

Cost-Effective Management of Multiple SQL Databases

  • Advisor identifies SQL server instances that can benefit from creating elastic database pools. This allows organizations to achieve cost-effective management while still meeting performance goals.

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