How To Apply For An Azure Gov Subscription?

Here’s how you can apply for Azure Gov Subscription easily

Azure is a cloud-based solution platform that offers over 200 products and solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide. Azure Government utilizes the same technologies as Azure and provides three types of solutions namely: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Azure Government is available in a variety of options depending on your specific needs. However, access is restricted only to US government entities. We’ve mentioned below some crucial steps that will enable you to successfully apply for an Azure Government subscription.

Check Your Eligibility Status

Azure Government is only available to three broad customer segments which are as follows:

  • US Government entities: If you are a federal agency, tribal entity, a federally funded research and development center, state or local entity, or a federal bureau, department, or agency then you will qualify as a US Government entity.
  • US Government partners: If you are involved in providing solutions and services to US government customers via GSA, direct, and indirect contracts then you are classified as a US government partner.
  • Commercial private entities: These include organizations and departments such as international traffic in arms, controlled unclassified information, department of energy, criminal justice information, department of defense impact level, and unclassified nuclear information. The data in commercial private entities are subject to US data regulations.

Selecting A Payment Plan

azure gov subscriptionAzure Government offers three hassle-free payment plans, each designed by keeping in mind the maximum benefit for the customers. These plans are:

  • Pay As You Go: This is a monthly recurring billing method that charges the user only for the services they utilize in their online subscription. A credit card linked to the payment system is used for automatic payments. There are no minimum billing requirements and an option for the easy cancellation of service is also available.
  • Cloud Solution Providers: A cloud solution provider designs custom service plans depending on the requirements of the organization. The provider then charges a single bill for Azure Government subscription as well as for their services.
  • Enterprise Agreements: An enterprise agreement allows a user to pay the same amount for up to 3 years. A licensing partner is required to initiate an enterprise agreement.

In addition to these, Azure Government also offers a free trial version to let users experience the platform and know if it is the right fit for their needs.

Take Help From Certified Partners

Certified partners help users design, deploy, and set a payment plan for an Azure Government subscription. There are two types of certified partners:

  • Cloud Solution Provider: They are primarily responsible for creating and deploying customized configurations for the user’s Azure Government subscription. They also provide billing and purchase support.
  • Licensing Service Provider: These are licensing and government cloud ecosystem experts, who help users obtain Enterprise Agreements according to their specific needs.

Utilize Starter Packs

To assist users in the quick deployment and implementation of their cloud solutions, Azure Government provides starter packs that include basic guidance and essential services. Some of the more popular starter packs used by Azure Government’s customers include:

  • Data Center Migration
  • Dev-test
  • Websites & Applications
  • Bot services with translation
  • SQL server cloud resiliency

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