4 Different Types of Managed Services Provided by MSPs

Here is the list of 4 different types of managed services provided by MSPs

Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a third-party company that offers management services for different businesses’ IT and end-user systems. The IT landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses often require additional support to stay on top of technological advancements. This is where MSPs come into action.

MSPs are well-versed in information technology and offer expert services for managing the customer’s IT infrastructure. Businesses outsource some portion or all of their IT services to MSPs who manage them on an ongoing basis.

The scope of the services offered by MSPs varies. Some MSPs offer limited services, while others can manage all aspects of a company’s network, infrastructure management, cloud, monitoring, and security.

Listed below are the common types of managed services offered by most MSPs.

Security Management

  • Security management is a top priority for all businesses. Cybercriminals use sophisticated and hard-to-detect tactics to attack businesses and steal valuable information. Businesses want to secure their data and assets at all costs. To ensure a company’s security, MSPs offer top-notch threat-prevention services, including anti-malware software, application compatibility, patching, maintenance, etc.

Anti-malware software protects the company’s network from computer viruses. Patching and maintenance services ensure that all software is updated and running on the latest versions. Updated software and systems are less prone to attacks from hackers. In addition, implementing application compatibility ensures that all hardware and software components are compatible and operate smoothly to ensure the network’s security.

Networking and Infrastructure

  • Businesses require expertise in networking and infrastructure services such as on-site hardware or software setup, managed cloud services, mobile networking, remote printing services, and storage backup systems. MSPs offer expert services in setting up different networking and infrastructure components for a company’s IT system.


  • All businesses require fast-paced and efficient communication to stay connected with clients and business partners and transfer data seamlessly. MSPs offer efficient routes of communication that ensure the quick uploading and transfer of data, documents, images, and information between the different computers of the company.

For the smooth running of operations, different components of a company need to stay connected and updated. Voice and video conferencing ensure the quick flow of information and keep all stakeholders updated and onboard.

Cloud Services

  • Most businesses use a combination of on-premises and cloud environments to maintain their data and business processes. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are the most significant public cloud or infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) platforms used by most businesses.

Businesses lack the expertise to manage workloads and services in major public cloud environments, which is why they require MSPs’ services to manage their clouds. By hiring MSPs for cloud management, businesses benefit in the following ways:

  • managed services provided by mspsIf the internal IT team lacks cloud-related expertise, training them can be quite costly. MSPs offer a much cheaper alternative.
  • MSPs have specialized server management skills for running cloud environments resulting in better-managed cloud deployments.
  • Cloud environments are prone to cyber-attacks. Therefore, they require proper cybersecurity measures to secure their cloud deployments from cyber attacks. MSPs use the best cyber security practices to offer protection from cyber-attacks and make cloud services more secure for businesses.

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