March 2022 Announcements

cloud solutions provider annoucement

Reminder: Upcoming dual-mode attestation API relaunch



Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner model attestation API changes are relaunching on April 4 and will be required for every transaction.



Impacted audience

Indirect providers in the CSP program


Microsoft runs on trust. We’re committed to providing a compliant, safe, and secure method of transacting customer subscriptions in the CSP program.

In September 2021, indirect providers in the CSP program were notified of a new requirement, the CSP partner model attestation, acknowledging the following on behalf of the partner’s organization:

“I confirm that my organization is acting as an indirect partner when choosing a reseller and as a direct partner in the absence of selecting a reseller.”

On February 23, 2022, this CSP partner model attestation requirement went live in the Partner Center user interface (UI) and API. The API change was temporarily removed so that partners could focus on other in-flight changes, and transactions from indirect providers using previous APIs or updated APIs have been allowed. The Partner Center UI experience still requires the attestation for you to complete a purchase.

On April 4, 2022, we’re relaunching this requirement for every transaction. If your organization hasn’t implemented these changes, CSP transactions will be blocked, and your organization will not be able to successfully submit purchases using the previous API.

Review the instructions on how to access documentation and API previews, and familiarize yourself with the new capabilities and required API updates.

Blocked transactions will result in this error message: “CatalogItemId: {0} requires attestation acceptance” (See Partner Center REST error codes – Partner Center app developer.)

  • No further transactions can be completed.
  • Existing experiences for APIs will break.

The following APIs have been updated with the required changes and are now available for partner consumption:

Next steps

  • Share this information with all appropriate contacts in your organization.
  • Check Partner Center announcements for future updates.
  • Find more details in the Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) webinar:
    • View the deck at the Microsoft Cloud Yammer Community.
    • View the recording at the Microsoft Cloud Yammer Community.
  • Implement changes as needed to your organization’s APIs.