Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Microsoft 365 From Google Workspace 

Discover the top three reasons why you should migrate to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace

In the workplace, two software and solution suites continuously compete for dominance; Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Both of these suites offer unique solutions that simplify work and promote collaboration and sharing. They have easy-to-access solutions for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, was initially launched in 2011 and later rebranded in 2017. It comprises core Office products available in the form of cloud-as-a-service for users globally.

Based on changing business environments and customer feedback, the services are updated and have increased in number. It offers a variety of solutions for business environments such as Skype, Exchange Server, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

  • Microsoft 365 currently has three broad categories; personal and family, business, and education. Each category has services customized according to their general requirements and is priced accordingly.

Google Workspace

  • Google Workspace, previously known as Google Apps, was first made available in February 2006. It consists of various office and productivity solutions offered as a cloud-based service.

It consists of Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Google Docs suite, Google Classroom, and many other services. The majority of these services are available for free for existing Gmail customers. However, upgrades can be purchased that offer increased functionality and additional features.

  • The free version of Google Workspace displays advertisements that can be removed after upgrading. Generally, data, security, and privacy settings are uniform throughout the platform.

Migration From Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

  • Although both software suites offer similar solutions and services, an organization that wants to shift from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 needs to answer several essential questions. They must conduct a thorough self-assessment to understand their business priorities, goals, and requirements.

If an organization prefers online collaboration, meetings, and multiple users working on the same file in real-time, then they will have to make sure the solution they are adopting offers them precisely that. An organization also needs to understand the level of sophistication required and the learning curve for its employees and consider the pricing and subscription options as budgeting is crucial.

  • Microsoft 365 continuously updates new features and services based on ever-evolving work requirements and user feedback. It is an excellent service for organizations using a hybrid work model. Microsoft has plenty of experience with workplace software because of their offline software suites, most notably Office.

Microsoft 365 offers applications with almost the same level of functionality as their offline counterparts, ensures a variety of collaboration options, provides exceptional integration abilities and has a pricing structure that appeals to organizations of all sizes. Let us consider the top three reasons why you should migrate to Microsoft 365 today.

Excellent Collaboration & Integration Features

  • While both platforms offer collaboration as a standard feature, Microsoft 365 offers significantly better features. With Microsoft 365, multiple users are not only able to simultaneously modify and collaborate on a single document, but they can also move from the document to a Teams meeting without switching apps.

To offer a seamless collaboration experience, multiple apps are integrated into one another. This helps save time and keeps the work going. Microsoft Teams also allows more participants than Google Meet, starting from 300 up to 1000.

Solutions That Promote Productivity

  • Microsoft 365’s solutions offer extensive and advanced formatting options by providing both cloud-based and offline apps integrated as single software. Using the desktop apps, a user can work offline, and the data can be saved directly to OneDrive as soon as the user goes online.

Although the web-based versions of Microsoft 365’s apps offer similar features as Google Workspace, their desktop versions offer significantly more advanced features and services.

Advanced Pricing Structure

  • migrate to microsoft 365 from googleMost users switch to Microsoft 365 mainly because of its advanced and dynamic pricing structure. Microsoft offers six different plans for businesses and organizations compared to four programs offered by Google. Microsoft also provides enterprises to mix and match the features of other plans.

Microsoft also offers extensive customization in its plans based on a business’s requirements. For example, a company could purchase a standard license for most of its employees while simultaneously purchasing an enterprise license for its executives. This option is not yet available with Google Workspace.

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