5 Ways Managed Service Providers Can Help Reduce Your IT Costs

Here is a list of five ways that MSPs can assist to reduce your IT costs

Modern-day technology maximizes a business’s efficiency. A company’s network is one of its most valuable assets, as it holds all your data. Due to this, it requires the utmost care.

Don’t be one of those who believe that network management is only possible through an in-house IT team. Managed Services Providers (MSP) offer expert services and support for your network. That way, you can entirely focus on your business to bring it to its highest potential.

Managed services are an excellent investment and a smart solution for companies of all sizes. And as expected, an investment must come with a return. Managed services bring myriad benefits that directly help you reduce your IT costs.


  • Hiring a hands-on, in-house IT team, training them, and investing in other necessary pieces of equipment can be financially overwhelming for any business, let alone a small business. Furthermore, in case of any system failures, there is a chance that the in-house IT team may come up with unexpected and frequent expenses, eventually draining your budget.

On the other hand, managed services are paid annually or monthly, making your expenses predictable. Repairs are included as part of the MSP contract. These repairs might otherwise cost you thousands of dollars. However, managed services save your budget from fluctuating significantly.


  • It is nearly impossible for an ever-expanding business to constantly hire and train IT employees. Not only is it a waste of resources, but a waste of time as well. Plus, regardless of how much time and money you spend training new IT trainees, they might end up ditching your company for others.

On the other hand, managed services reduce your cost of training. They can swiftly respond, change, and be flexible according to your company’s expansion needs without hefty additional costs or the pain of training employees.

Minimizes Downtime

  • Businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Failed servers may lead to downtimes. And guess who is most likely to cause this? According to research, 40% of the time, downtime is caused by humor error rather than an outside source.

It is ideal for incorporating intelligent solutions such as managed services to reduce these risks. Reduced risks mean reduced costs of recovery. Managed Service Providers prevent full-fledged technical catastrophes.

Expert Solution

  • If you have a problem, you need to fix it. However, the wrong solution may cause a big dent in your budget. It is not ideal for your internal IT expert to learn how to fix a problem overnight. On the other hand, In 2021, 76% of businesses lost their data to cyberattacks, primarily due to human negligence.

However, managed services have teams of experts who fill the gaps of your in-house team. So, the well-equipped MSP experts will fix your problem without wasting more time or money.

Increased Focus

  • reduce your it costsIf your IT team concentrates only on fixing minor, day-to-day user issues, it may shift the focus from something as important as cyber security. You may also be understaffed, leading your employees to feel overworked and essential tasks overlooked.

Managed services push your business forward. With redesigned workflows, it helps the internal team better focus on the company’s expansion and growth.

MSP services help you fill gaps in your internal IT team, proving more cost-effective. Henson Group offers expert Azure MSP services. We take the headache out of IT and prove it is worth the investment. Get in touch with our expert to learn how we can help you reduce costs.