The Advantages Of Microsoft 365 For Businesses

Read this before you decide – The ultimate guide to understanding Microsoft 365 for businesses

In the era of hybrid work, the focus on workplace efficiency, productivity, and connectivity is more crucial than ever. Since the transition to remote work, about 60% of individuals report feeling less connected to their team. It is essential to create a thriving environment for your employees that involves strategic integration of technology. Keep reading to learn how the integration of Microsoft 365 can be advantageous for your organization.

Seamless Document Sharing

  • Many organizations leverage Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive for document management, enhancing searchability, and providing tools for user access control. With SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365, users benefit from an improved interface and connectivity, facilitating efficient document management in the cloud and effortless document sharing.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 integrates SharePoint Online with Microsoft Teams, enabling optimized communication during document creation and management activities. Additionally, team members can locate the document within a Teams channel newsfeed and provide feedback or comments on updates or revisions.

Improved Mobile Accessibility and Productivity

  • Microsoft 365 integrates cloud computing with a comprehensive suite of mobile applications, enabling employees to remain productive whether they’re traveling, on-site, or working remotely. The suite includes individual apps such as Word, Excel, and Teams. These are optimized for small mobile devices and are accessible free of charge.

While these standard apps offer functionality, businesses that want to establish a mobile digital workplace may explore additional options. For example, leveraging PowerApps allows you to develop custom applications accessible from any mobile device. With the help of Microsoft 365 tools, you can focus on improving your organization’s objectives without concerns about team connectivity and productivity while on the move.

Streamlined Process Automation

  • Efficiently managing and updating processes can be challenging for many enterprises. Microsoft 365, combined with the Power Platform, offers ready-to-use online forms, workflow management tools, and data storage capabilities that quickly automate business processes.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 is compatible with various external tools, allowing you to incorporate actions from emails directly into your workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Workflow Solutions for Increased ROI

  • A global study highlighted the common challenges faced by office workers across 12 different countries. Tasks such as data entry, email management, digital document completion, report compilation, and invoice handling were the primary contributors to decreased workplace productivity. Additionally, more than half of the participants were willing to switch jobs if the workload became too overwhelming.

However, the implementation of efficient workflow solutions can significantly enhance productivity, streamline operations, and boost efficiency. Many of these solutions can effectively generate a return on investment (ROI) that covers their cost within the first six months of implementation.

Social Collaboration Tools to Foster Innovation

  • microsoft 365 for businessesSocial tools empower employees in your organization to engage with business content at the speed of social media platforms. Since most employees widely use platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can capitalize on employees’ existing proficiency with social media for business purposes. With Microsoft 365’s social enterprise tools, such as Teams and Yammer (for larger enterprises), there’s a minimal learning curve and no need for additional training.

Users can effortlessly interact with content by liking, commenting, engaging in threaded conversations, or accessing personalized news feeds that aggregate discussions across the organization. Teams and Yammer allow organizations to establish distinct groups and discussion threads tailored to specific departments, lines of business, or communities of interest. This facilitates informal knowledge-sharing and collaborative problem-solving within the company.

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