6 Different Types Of Managed Service Providers And What Their Job Entails

Learn on to find out the top types of managed service providers and how they can benefit your business

With the rapid advancements in digital technology, keeping pace with IT-related processes can be challenging, especially without extensive IT departments. Managed service providers make it convenient for businesses to stay on top of all the technological advancements. Learn different types of managed service providers to make the most informed decision.

Types Of Managed Service Providers

MSPs offer vast services covering every aspect of an organization’s technological environment. In addition, different services can also be mixed and matched to meet specific business needs. We have discussed five major types of managed service providers here.

IT Support Providers

  • Managed service providers provide round-the-clock IT support to organizations. IT support is a crucial component of any provider’s service offering as it allows customers to contact support anytime and fix their problems quickly.

Backup And Disaster Recovery Providers

  • Backup and disaster recovery are the core elements of business continuity. Regardless of the business size, it is imperative to have a strategy to keep the business operations running in the event of a disaster. MSPs put robust backup measures to keep an organization’s data secure. The data can be restored anytime the system fails or crashes.

Managed service providers ensure that customer data is backed up and protected and enable quick recovery of critical data in case of hardware failure, cybersecurity attack, or another disaster. MSPs leverage image-based backup technology to create snapshots of production services backed up on-site for rapid recovery.

Network Security Providers

  • One of the critical elements of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy is network security. It encompasses firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi networks, routers, and other network infrastructure components of an organization. Network security is a primary element of a fully managed MSP relationship. In addition, it can also be outsourced as a co-managed IT service.

MSPs implement anti-malware software, application management, and other threat-prevention services to ensure an organization’s network is secure. Moreover, the managed service providers also provide patching and maintenance, keeping the software up-to-date and running the latest version. Thus, preventing the hackers from getting access to the network.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Providers

  • Managed service providers commonly offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) programs that are maintained and updated remotely. The program can either be developed to suit the company-specific needs or customized by integrating a third-party program with the organization’s existing system.

Infrastructure Support Providers

  • Managing infrastructure must be noticed when it comes to the types of managed services on the market. IT infrastructure is the backbone of any business. Therefore, the infrastructure facilitating the day-to-day business process must be operated at peak efficiency.

Since several components, make up IT infrastructure, managed service offerings for infrastructure include multiple categories. Managed networks, managed print services, network security, etc., are some of the standard infrastructure support services. In addition, these are the larger categories that include data backups, reporting, analytics, and more.

On-site Services Providers

  • types of managed service providersMSPs also offer on-site It services. On-site services are also referred to as managed field services. It involves dispatching technicians to perform different IT-related tasks at a specified location. This could include repairing equipment, site surveys, cabling, and wireless services. The MSPs manage each task from start to finish and produce streamlined processes.

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