What Is Bing Chat Enterprise? Differences, Managing, Examples & More!

Overview of Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat for Enterprise is Bing Chat (GPT-4 enriched with web results) but with “commercial data protection. “Commercial Data Protection” means user and business data is protected, chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no eye-on access to data, and chat data is not used to train the underlying models.

Bing Chat Enterprise, available in Preview, gives your organization AI-powered web chat with commercial data protection. Whether researching industry insights, analyzing data, or looking for inspiration, Bing Chat Enterprise gives people access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.

Bing Chat Enterprise is accessible via bing.com and the sidebar in Microsoft Edge. It will also come to Windows Copilot in the future. Bing Chat enterprise does *not* have access to your M365 data (that’s M365 Copilot).

Like Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprise is grounded in data from the public web and provides complete, verifiable answers with citations, along with visual answers that include graphs and charts. Unlike Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat Enterprise has no access to organizational data in the Microsoft 365 Graph.

What is the difference between Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise?

Employees using Bing Chat Enterprise will be signed into Bing.com/chat using their work account. Once they do so, they’ll see that Bing Chat Enterprise has a unique design that distinguishes it from the consumer version of Bing Chat.

Above the chat input box and on top of every chat answer, users will see a message that says, “Your personal and company data are protected in this chat”.

The plan is to match Bing chat (consumer) features, but, Initially, chat history, plugin support, Bing Image Creator and Visual Search in Chat and Bing mobile app are not supported.

Bing Chat (consumer):







Bing Chat Enterprise:








Manage Bing Chat Enterprise:

To manage access to Bing Chat Enterprise, use the Bing Chat Enterprise service plan included with your users’ Microsoft 365 licenses. The previous aka.ms admin pages—aka.ms/TurnOnBCE and aka.ms/TurnOffBCE—will be phased out by late November 2023.

IMPORTANT: If you already turned off Bing Chat Enterprise using the aka.ms/TurnOffBCE admin page, you need to turn off Bing Chat Enterprise again using the service plan by late November 2023. At that time, access to Bing Chat Enterprise will be based on which users are assigned the Bing Chat Enterprise service plan.

For users with Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 licenses for faculty, the Bing Chat Enterprise service plan isn’t yet available.

Turn on Bing Chat Enterprise:

This is a global on-switch for all M plan users. It’s not controllable on a per-user basis at this time.

Ensure the Microsoft Search in Bing setting in the Microsoft 365 admin center is turned on.

  1. In Microsoft 365 admin center, go to Settings > Search & intelligence the Configuration.
  2. Use a new window to log in to Bing.com with your Global admin or Search admin credentials. InPrivate windows aren’t supported.
  3. Go to Turn on Enterprise Chat to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise.
  4. Confirm no other settings exist in your environment that block access to Bing Chat. Bing Chat Enterprise works with all SafeSearch settings, including Strict.












This change may take up to 48 hours to go into effect.

Once turned on, users with eligible licenses and the above configuration can access Bing Chat Enterprise by signing in to Bing Chat with their work account. They can also access Bing Chat Enterprise in the Edge sidebar.

Enabled by default:

When Bing Chat Enterprise is turned on, it provides enhanced commercial data protection for users accessing the generative AI capabilities of Bing Chat. Because of this, Microsoft turns on Bing Chat Enterprise by default for all eligible Microsoft 365 users.

  • For users with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium licenses, Bing Chat Enterprise is on by default.
  • For users with Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 for faculty, Bing Chat Enterprise will be turned on by default in late October 2023. Students aren’t eligible.
  • If your organization has turned off Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft won’t reenable it on these dates.

What are example use cases for Bing Chat Enterprise?

Bing Chat Enterprise can help employees quickly generate content, analyze or compare data, summarize documents, learn new skills, write code, and more.

For example, you can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you:

  • Understand the implications of a decision: “What are the pros and cons of offline marketing strategies?” and “How can I measure the success of my offline marketing campaign?”
  • Learn new skills: “What are the top 5 things I should know when managing a large project?” and “What is agile project management, and how does it differ from waterfall?”
  • Analyse data: “If we’re forecasting 7% EPS growth this coming quarter, how does our internal forecast compare with EPS growth in the top US public CPG companies?”
  • Summarize a work PDFs open in Edge: “Recap the findings of this internal cybersecurity report and the top 3 concerns” and “What are best practices for addressing these kinds of security issues?”
  • Write better code faster: “Write a regular expression in Python that matches email addresses” or “How can I use the unit test module to write test units for my Python code.”
  • Plan a business trip: “Where should I stay in Manhattan that has a good running path close by?”
  • Generate social media content: “Use this messaging framework to generate 5 social media posts describing its value to healthcare workers.”
Fig: An Ai created image by MS enterprise Chat powered by Dall-E








Microsoft as the data controller:

Bing Chat Enterprise is a connected service where Microsoft is the data controller. Users’ prompts leave your organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant boundary to reach the Bing Chat Enterprise service. However, this data is encrypted in transit, and Microsoft doesn’t retain this data beyond a short caching period for runtime purposes. After the browser is closed, the chat topic is reset, or the session times out, Microsoft discards all prompts and responses.

To provide chat responses, Bing Chat Enterprise uses global data centers for processing and may process data in the United States. Optional, Bing-backed connected experiences don’t fall under Microsoft’s EU Data Boundary (EUDB) commitment. They also don’t fall under the terms of Enterprise Subscription Agreements (EAS) or Campus and School Agreements (CASA) which may require company data to remain inside geographic or tenant boundaries.

As a reminder, Bing Chat Enterprise has no access to organizational data inside your tenant boundary, and chat conversations aren’t saved or used to train the underlying models.

Organizations with strict requirements that data must remain inside tenant or geographic boundaries should instead consider Microsoft 365 Copilot or Azure Open AI to provide generative AI services. Bing Chat Enterprise is intended as a more secure alternative for organizations than using consumer-oriented generative AI services.

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