What is Microsoft Azure and Why It Matters

Microsoft Azure is often described by experts as having limitless potential and unlimited possibilities. But what does the cloud platform actually do and is it good for your business?

In this post, we’ll try to tell you why Azure is good for your business and how you can gain real benefits by being on it. 

So What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform with three distinct features including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS)

These features can be used for analytics, storage, virtual computing, networking and a lot more. It can basically supplement or completely replace your on-premise servers. Here are some facts about Azure.

  • Flexible – Move to compute resources up and down as needed
  • Open – Supports almost any OS, language, tool, or framework
  • Reliable – 99.95{1f0cc4060f4fe9fc982bbd4bbe2778698630254e28c6e7cd32c637f8f4aaee17} availability SLA and 24×7 tech support
  • Global – Data housed in geosynchronous data centers
  • Economical – Only pay for what you use

Microsoft Azure is flexible, affordable, and a fast platform. It’s capabilities and pricing make it one of the best public cloud platforms out there. Now let’s look at the things that benefit you when you migrate to azure.

Develop and Host Web and Mobile Apps

  • Azure is a great platform for developing, hosting or managing a mobile or web app. It makes all the apps autonomous and adaptive through AutoScale, integration, and patch management. Through Automatic Patch Management for the virtual machines, you will have to spend less time managing the infrastructure and you can use that time to focus on improving your apps instead.

Azure also offers continuous deployment support which basically lets you streamline ongoing updates.

  • AutoScale is a built-in feature of Azure that lets you adjust the resources automatically based on the traffic of customers on the web. This leaves you with enough resources you need when the traffic gets high. This way you can save money when there is a peak in traffic.

IoT Industry Solutions

  • The flexibility, scalability, and security of Microsoft Azure are what makes this platform perfect for companies who want to move forward with IoT solutions. You can easily connect any of your devices to the cloud using the solutions provided that lets you integrate your infrastructure and start collecting new data for your company.

Within the IoT Hub provided by Azure, you can also manage and monitor billions of devices and get insights that help you improve customer experiences as well as help you make better decisions business-wise. 

Migrate to Azure Today

  • If your company is looking to migrate to Azure, Henson Group’s migration practice helps customers migrate from on-premise VMware/Hyper-V, Colo such as Rackspace, or other clouds like AWS to Microsoft Azure Datacenter or Azure Stack Infrastructures.  

This team also helps clients migrate existing workloads in Azure IaaS to Azure PaaS including SQL Server to Azure SQL Database, SQL SSIS to Data Factory, SQL SSRS/Tableau to PowerBI, Data Warehouses to Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database Tables to Data Lake, and many others.

Learn about our 6 Step Azure Migration Process here.