What Is Microsoft Azure Market Place? Exploring The Available Solutions

Azure market place unleashed – Where innovation meets cloud excellence

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a dynamic ecosystem offering various solutions catering to diverse business needs. From innovative applications to services and integrations, Azure Marketplace serves as a hub for businesses, fostering efficiency, scalability, and technological advancement. Keep reading to uncover the offerings and possibilities within Microsoft Azure Marketplace to propel businesses forward.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace: An Overview

  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a widely used online platform, providing numerous applications and services designed to operate on or seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s public cloud infrastructure. This business-centric platform acts as an extensive marketplace for the exchange of cloud solutions. It acts as a bridge to engage with prominent organizations, businesses, and government agencies worldwide, facilitating connections with enterprises seeking innovative solutions.

It offers a diverse range of products and services. According to Statista’s recent research, the platform has over 18,000 units, with over 5,000 falling under the IT and management tools category. For Azure users, this Marketplace provides a seamless experience to explore and select services tailored to their specific needs. All items available on the Marketplace are certified through the Microsoft Azure Certified program before they become available for purchase. Certain partner products are selected by Microsoft experts and marked as “Microsoft preferred solutions,” because of their expertise in specific categories or industries.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Solutions

  • It provides access to an extensive range of services seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s offerings. These range from software solutions to specialized services and products designed to fulfill specific requirements.

Here are the offerings provided by this platform:

Azure Application Solution Template

  • Developers can utilize these templates to implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC), specifically tailored for Azure solutions utilizing the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates. These templates prove beneficial by enabling the continuous deployment of topologies, incorporating various servers and their dependencies.

Azure Applications and Managed Applications

  • Distinguishing between these two services is crucial. In Azure Applications, solutions are deployed on Microsoft cloud services, requiring users to have an Azure account for deploying pre-paid virtual machines (VMs).

In Managed Applications, the application is deployed on the customer’s Azure account, but with a twist. Software vendors retain the ability to reclaim management permissions.

SaaS Solutions

  • Organizations and developers can offer SaaS solutions on this platform through their partner center accounts. For a SaaS application to be listed on the Marketplace for sale, it must support Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On.

When users make a purchase, they are directed to the seller’s website. Pricing for the application varies based on models such as metered subscriptions, flat rates, per user, and more. Additionally, each pricing model can be based on annual or monthly commitments.

Virtual Machine Images

  • Virtual Machine Images consist of a single file containing a virtual disk with a bootable operating system. These images serve as replicas of computer systems, including drivers for systems, operating systems, and state information. Customers can directly purchase virtual appliances from this platform, and users will subsequently need an Azure subscription to access these images.

Managed and Consulting Services

  • azure market placeCompanies can leverage the managed services provided by qualified partners identified through the expert managed service provider program (MSP). This allows the provider to be provisioned into the customer’s Azure tenant to deliver the required services.

In contrast, the consulting services available in this Marketplace are valuable for gaining a deeper understanding of technology, obtaining custom development solutions, requesting workshops, assessing business solutions, and more. The respective publishers deliver these services.

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