3 Smart Cloud Computing Tips For Small and Medium Businesses

One of the biggest impacts of cloud computing is having on small to medium businesses that it is giving them the right tools to compete against bigger companies by making their operations faster, effective, and efficient all the while reducing the costs. As businesses are getting more data-driven year by year, even the simplest form of business today requires a good IT infrastructure.

But it isn’t possible for small and medium businesses to build an all-out IT infrastructure without putting a big hole in their pockets. This is why such businesses are left to do whatever they can to compete against large companies that are well equipped with IT departments and expertise. The cloud is one of the most powerful ways a company can do this without spending a fortune. If you haven’t already adopted cloud computing such as Microsoft Azure, here are three tips that might get you to change your mind.

Determine The Needs Of Your Business First

  • For a small business, it can be quite difficult to pick the right cloud applications –  there are so many available that it can be hard to make a decision. IT experts recommend that the decision-makers of the business should look at what the current IT infrastructure of the business is capable of doing and then comparing it with the cloud solutions to match it.

This will enable the business to limit the field of choices so that they can only pick applications that their business really needs, this will help cut down on costs significantly by avoiding unnecessary applications and services.

Security Is A Must

  • Even though many businesses including yours are starting to become very comfortable with the idea of cloud computing, there are still executives and managers within these businesses that are hesitant to move forward due to security concerns. Every business wants the agility and functionality of the cloud but are worried at the same time that their data might get compromised.

If your business has sensitive data, it is worth finding out where the data center of the cloud computing provider is located. Companies like Microsoft offer high-security with their cloud platform Azure. So if you must move to the cloud, make sure your provider is as good as Microsoft Azure.

Cross-Platform Functionality Cannot Be Ignored

  • Companies now allow their employees to work on several different platforms within the office, and as such, more businesses are demanding cloud solutions that make sure they are cross-platform enabled. 

By allowing your employees to choose their platform, they can maintain their productivity and this is why cross-platform functionality is so important.

Decided to Migrate to Cloud?

If you have made your mind about moving to Cloud computing, we highly recommend migrating to Microsoft Azure. It is one of the best cloud computing providers of the modern era and every large organization is partnered with Microsoft.

However, migrating to Azure is not an easy task and should be handled by a certified Microsoft partner. Henson Group is a certified Microsoft partner and we specialize in migrating businesses to this wonderful cloud platform. If you have more questions about Microsoft Azure Migration or security concerns that need to be answered, contact us today.