Top Microsoft Teams Features That Every Business Must Use

Read on to learn about the top Microsoft teams features for increasing collaboration focus and overall business productivity

Microsoft Teams is a popular business communication platform offered as a part of Microsoft 365. Teams offer people to connect with each other in a meeting-like setting. MS Teams have been one of the core resources used by offices, schools, universities, and governments worldwide to stay connected.

Teams offer several features that enable a seamless experience for all meeting participants. If you are a business owner, then take a look at the following features that you must use to maximize your business’s profitability.

Share to Stage

  • The Share to Stage feature enables real-time content sharing with all meeting participants. The participants can not only view the content but also collaborate in real-time. This changes the meeting format from a single presenter and many listeners to a collective brainstorming format.

A virtual whiteboard is present that allows different participants to share their ideas and suggestions. For increasing accessibility and ease of use, multiple whiteboards can also be shared.

High Fidelity Audio Mode

  • A significant issue with online meetings was the poor quality of music and sound. This was particularly prominent if someone delivered a presentation with music or audio content. To solve this problem, Microsoft introduced the High Fidelity Audio Mode. When activated, it amplifies the listening experience for all participants. It isolates noise from music, thus bringing clear and more crisp audio for the listeners.

The High Fidelity Audio Mode works for live music, music through third-party applications, and even for medical signals for physicians who take virtual appointments.

Lock Meeting Feature

  • To enhance the meeting’s security features, Microsoft introduced the Lock Meeting feature. It is the virtual equivalent of locking the meeting room’s doors.

The organizer can turn on this feature and prevent other people from joining the meeting. This feature also helps prevent other participants from inviting someone to the meeting. The participants who arrive late are also unable to join the discussion.

Enhanced Collaboration Features

  • Microsoft has rolled out several features in its Teams app to enhance collaboration among meeting participants. Mesh for Microsoft Teams is an application of mixed reality metaverse that aims to boost engagement among participants. Participants can share holographic experiences in immersive spaces using personalized avatars.

To enhance and promote real-time multi-user collaboration and editing, Microsoft launched the Loop app in 2022. The various participants can use the loop app to modify and edit files simultaneously without worrying about their Office app versions not being the same.

  • Microsoft introduced subtle changes in Microsoft 365 as a whole and throughout the Teams app to promote collaboration. Contact cards now display the contact’s local time; inline message translation allows participants to get translated content with a few clicks.

Focus-Improving Features

  • microsoft teams featuresMicrosoft has introduced several features to improve the meeting participants’ focus while minimizing distractions. Important chats and channels can be pinned to remain on top and easily accessible. This is very useful if you have many discussions and meetings in your teams app.

The Teams app has a search bar at the top which can be used to search for chats, meetings, and contacts. By using a forward slash, you can access several shortcuts and get your intended results quickly.

  • The Teams app also allows you to control notifications to match your preferences. You can also turn off reaction notifications. You can hide less important channels and teams from your view, and they’ll be easily accessible under the hidden items. MS Teams also allow you to mute a conversation if you feel that they are distracting your focus.

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